Midtown Ballroom has brought top notch social and competitive dance instruction to the Charlotte area. Midtown teaches all ballroom styles to people of all levels, from beginners to advanced. We offer group and private lessons for adults and children.

Midtown Ballroom offers a unique blend of cutting edge instruction in an atmosphere of fun and excitement. We have built a beautiful ballroom dance studio in a cool and convenient location for people to get active and learn something new. 

Erica Millarc, founder of Midtown Ballroom dance studio has been dancing since she was a little girl in Argentina. Her love of dance led her to a professional career that included 13 years of competing nationally and internationally. Erica was ranked among the top 12 nationally. She was also ranked 2nd in the United States in the Classic Show Dance Division and represented the United States in the World Championship.

Having this experience and background means that Erica has the contacts and the reputation to bring top instructors from around the world. Erica states, “When you get the opportunity to do something you love, do it wholeheartedly… surrounded by people that make your world a better place. So with that said, Welcome to Midtown Ballroom.”


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